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Economy of Mahasamund

Mahasamund is an administrative district in Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The economy of Mahasamund is mainly based on mining and agriculture. Rice is major crop grown here. The black stone mineral of this region is mined on large scale for tiles. Besides this, there are numerous other kinds of industries and factories operating in the region. The area consists of numerous industries based on different resources such as Agro based and allied food industries, mineral based industries, food industries, textile industries, wooden products manufacturing industries, herbal and ayurvedic products manufacturing industries and more.

Economic profile of Mahasamund

Agrarian Economy of Mahasamund

The district of Mahasamund was founded in 1998. At that time there were only few agricultural crops grown in the region for domestic consumption. But with span of time and increasing demand, the region start dealing with other regions for few agricultural crops such as paddy, wheat, groundnut, saraso, lakh-tiwara, udad and kodo kutki. Presently, the region also deals with multiple industrial products, which adds towards its progressive economic growth. There are mainly three main crops grown in the region as paddy, wheat and Kodo Kutiki. Along with this, there are also Udad and Lakh-Tiwara pulses grown in the region. Oil seeds such as saraso and groundnut are cultivated to meet daily requirement of local people. large number of people found employment in agricultural activities of the region and therefore earn their livelihood through these means only.

Industrial Sector of Mahasamund

Mahasamund is an agriculture based region, but despite of this it holds a sound industrial sector that adds to its increasing economic and business development. Presently, the region holds 381 registered industrial units, out of which 5 units fall under medium and large industry category. The total land area covered by industrial region of the district is around 96.42 hectare, which is sub-divided into 218 plots. There are 3 power based, 1 food and energy based and 1 forestry based large scale industries operating in the region. There are also small enterprise activity conducted in the region related with stone cutting and polishing, rice milling and warehousing. The establishment of numerous industries has boost up employment rate within the region to large extent and plays crucial role in transforming overall economic scenario of the region.

Industrial Economy of Mahasamund

Swastik Industries
Address: Village Sirgudi, Mahasamund - 493 445, Chhattisgarh, India
Contact No.: +91-9977451144 / +91-7723-223405

K.b. Tiles Industries
Address: Nadi Mode, Ghodari Post, Birkoni, Dist. Mahasamund. P.C. 493445, Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh.

Nirmla Industries
Address: Village P.O., Girkoni. P.C. 493445, Mahasamund. Chhattisgarh.

Bhagwati Oil Industries
Address: 1, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund, Mahasamund - 493445
Contact No.: +(91)-9754674493

Vijay Rice Industries
Address : Chaturbhuj Agrawal, Gram Khamarpali, Post-Paikin,Tahsil Saraipali, Dist:Mahasmund [C.G.]
9926162558, 07725227558

Samrat Rice Industries
Address: Vishnu Bhagawan Agrawal, Main Road Basna Dist.- Mahasamund (C.G.)
Phone: 9425213888

In addition to this, there are other industries that manufacture different kinds of products like, agro-based products, mineral based products, food and allied products, textile products, wooden products, paper products, chemical products, mechanical products, IT and electronic products, electrical products, farm products and herbal and ayurvedic products.

Mineral Resources in Mahasamund

There are plenty of mineral resources found in the region. Important mineral deposits found in this district are Gold, Tin, Lead ore, Beryl, Fluorite, Lime Stone and Granite. Gold and tin are found in villages of Dimauguda, Rahatikhole and in base of Munda hills in Saraipali block. The Bijarabhata and Salhetarai region of Basna block and villages of Rampur of Pithore block are rich in lead ore. Granite is found mainly in Pithora, Bagbahra and Basna block, while lime stone is found from villages of Birkoni and Ghodari as they have areas adjacent to Mahanadi River. The Saraipali region is rich in Beryl and Fluorite, while Cheurakuta, Ghatkachhar and Makarmutta are rich in fluorite.

Forest Reserves of Mahasamund

The forest reserve of Mahasamund region is spread over 207sq.km, and constitutes varieties of flora and fauna. The fauna incorporates the Sambhar, spotted dear, swamp dear, wild bora, wild cow, porcupine, rabbit, bear, fox, wild cat, wolf, wild fowl and monkey. There are also multiple forms of wild flowers and trees found in forests of Mahasamund.There is also possibility of commercially exploiting the horticulture and herbal resources of the region to great extent in order to earn more monetary revenue from it.

Overall Economic Scenario of Mahasamund

The infrastructure of Mahasamnud is not much developed. This is because it is still a developing region where main focus is laid on agriculture. Even sectors of horticulture and agriculture are not effectively exploited. The growth of industrial sector of the region is also little slow due to inadequate infrastructural facilities. Non-farm activities have not been diversified and even there is not proper railway connection within the district regions.The technical educational facilities are still to develop.

But with few years span, the district is soon going to overcome all its infrastructural drawbacks as there are sound business opportunities offered in the region. New business opportunities are offered in the region of Mahasamund due to its significant development in agriculture sector. Local people are looking forward to opening of more agro-based industries, which will not only provide employment opportunities but will also lead to development of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits. There is also cheap workforce available in the region that offers setting up of different industries at cheap rates. The climate of Mahasamund is moderate and there is ample availability of skilled manpower in the region. This offers opportunity of development of electronic and computer based industries in this district. Mahasamund is closely located to Raipur and Durg districts, which are well developed industrial areas of Chhattisgarh and therefore also offer development opportunity to the region in same field.

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