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Healthcare Services in Mahasamund

Health plans are significant is any city in order to maintain a healthy state. Government holds a separate department for the same, and opens up various plans for the welfare of the people. Mahasamund is such a lucky city in the state of Chhattisgarh which holds numerous options when it comes to health care. The government also brings in new schemes and programs to help the public maintain good health and avoid diseases. Another latest update is that the state health resource center assists with technical support for providing quality access. The numerous health related programs holds a team of volunteers and assist people with community based health programs, health research systems, and lot more.

Healthcare in Mahasamund

Hospitals in Mahasamund

There are quite numerous medical centers and hospitals in the city which add to the welfare of the people. The government of Chhattisgarh has also given more importance for the health and medical amenities in the city. Reports open up that they are 5 community health centers which cover up Mahasamund, Bagbahara, Saraipali, Basna and Pithora.These centers are more effective and advantageous to the people. Apart from this there are nearly 15 primary health centers which cover up various regions of Mahasamund. With such numbers of health centers there are nearly 149 sub centers. There are many public and private hospitals in Mahasamund which offer quality service and treat any category of diseases. The hospitals are equipped with latest equipment’s which are comfortable for diagnosing. For more details, click here

District Hospital
Address: Raipur road, Kharora, Mahasamund
Phone: 97530-28980
Email: cs.mahasamund@rediffmail.com

Community Health Center
Address: Basna
Phone: 97542-12993
Email: bmo_basna@rediffmail.com

Dr.G. Govindani Nursing Home
Address: Near old hospital, Mahasamund
Phone: 94252-15752
Email: ggovindani@gmail.com

Primary Health Centre
Address: Tumgaon, Mahasamund - 493445

Sewabhavan Hospital
Address: Jagdishpur, Mahasamund
Phone: 81206-24414
Email: suprem_2007@rediffmail.com

Anjali health center
Address: NH 6 Raipur road, Pithora
Phone: 97540-07909
Email: anjalihealthc@gmail.com

Chemist Shops in Mahasamund

Medical stores are an important requirement in any city. Medical stores in Mahasamund hold all medical equipment’s, testing supplies, and all medicines. The improvement in health sector has witnessed growing number of hospitals in Mahasamund which in turn resulted in the opening of chemist stores. The pharmacists at these stores are well experienced and have wholesome knowledge in their field. They handle customers well and also advice on certain drugs.

Mahasamund Medical Stores
Address: Shop No 7, Indira Market, In Front Of IDBI Bank, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9425215595, 8827636000

Om SAI Medical & General Stores
Address: Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9770979829

Jyoti Medical Stores
Address: Sarafa Bazar, Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9926645855

Anish Medical Stores
Address: Sarafa Bazar, Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9977438409

Chhattisgarh Medical Stores
Address: Ambedkar Chowk, Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, Tumgaon Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9826583430

Om Medical Stores
Address: Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9926571725

Ayurveda Centers in Mahasamund

Ayurveda treatment initiated in India and is still followed in many parts of India in states like Chhattisgarh. Mahasamund city holds numerous Ayurveda centers for treatment of various kinds of ailments. These experts utilize various kinds of herbs and shrubs which hold medicinal effect for their patients to cure them off their illness. Mahasamund has become a famed destination for Ayurveda hospitals and resorts. Apart from healing illness, they also rejuvenate the body.

Patanjali Arogya Kendra
Address: Railway Station Chowk Bagbahara, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: + (91)-9981132184, 9669103356

To conclude we can say that Mahasamund enjoys average healthcare services and is able to serve the residents of the city. Presence of numerous hospitals, chemist shops are turning things in favor of the inhabitants.

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