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Mahasamund Tourism

Traveling to Mahasamund is a pleasurable and stimulating journey and doubtlessly a lifetime experience. Tourists flock in to the city in masses as the place is gorgeous with fantabulous backdrops wherever you go. The place is well known for its historical importance, art and architecture too. There are numerous tourist spots which area must for tourists to make a note of its importance. For people who have plans to make a trip to Mahasamund, then make an agenda to banquet your eyes by watching out the magnificent temples.

Tourism in Mahasamund

There are number of temples as well as holy places to be looked out at, a few of the places include Laxman temple, Swastik temple, Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, Gangadheswar temple and many more.

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

The best time to visit this place is January when temperature is quite cool.
Mahasamund TourismChhattisgarh Tourism Board
Paryatan Bhawan, G. E. Road
Raipur - 492 00 (C.G.) India
Phone : +91 771 4028635, 4028636
Fax : +91 771 4066425

Major Tourist Attractions in Mahasamund

The traditional background is what makes Mahasamund a favorable place for tourism. The temples present here are enriched with divine beauty and gratifies the eyes of the tourists. There are numerous places to look out at Mahasamund, for people who are exhausted with daily route can get set for a historical review at this place. The cost of traveling is reasonable and one can enjoy, scenic beauty, museums, and lot more.

Places to Visit in Mahasamund

Sirpur: Sirpur is a small town which is famed for its traditional importance and is situated at 84km away from Raipur. The archeological monuments speak the beauty of the place. They are positioned on the banks of river Mahanadi which speak of rich orthodox background along with ethical heritage and architecture.Laxman temple, Anand Vihar, Kuti Vihar, Swastik, and more of historic monuments are the key places in Sirpur to view and enjoy. The archeological remains of Bhagwat, Param Maheshwar of Panduvansh, Tathagat albeit make their presence alive. Ancient Sirpur and its traces were found were spotted in copper inscriptions of Sharabhpurya, Mahesudeo raj and emperors Pravar raj. Sirpur also remained as a perfect destination for studying and art. After the ruling period of Mahashivgupt Balarjun, the cultural and political importance started fading away. Natural calamity added its part to the ruining where most of the historic temples and Vihars were devastated.

Laxman Temple: Laxman temple is a brick structured temple developed with bricks. The lavish carvings with precise construction along with grand symmetry make the temple unique. This type of temple is called ‘Panchrath’ type temple holds a shelter called ‘Mandap’, a passage called ‘Antraal’, and finally the main house called ‘Gargbha Grih’. The walls and pillars of the temple are another interesting piece of art, as they are engraved with various religious segments of the temple namely Chitya Gawaksha, Bharwahakgana, Kama Amalak Aja, kirtimkh and Vatayan.The statue of Naagaraj inside the temple offers a more historic and traditional look. Mother of Mahashivgput Balarjun Vasta and Magadh emperor Suryavaman are the ones who are said to have constructed this temple during 650 A.D.

Gandheswar Temple: The Shiva temple owns a historic name and is situated in the banks of Mahanadi. The erection of this Shiva temple was made with the archeological remains of ancient vihars and temples. Since the temple is developed with various historic remains it holds a special place and is familiar. The most rare and precious pieces in this temple are Lord Buddha touching the earth, Garud Narayanan, Natraj Shiva, and Mahisasur Mardini. Pictures of Shiv leela at the top of the entrance are another important piece of art for attracting tourists and visitors. Ravan’s face is another interesting aspect in this temple. Masses of people assemble here during festivals.

Ram Temple: Ram temple stands next to Laxman temple. The top of Ram temple is a familiar spot to be noticed as it has a star like projection along vertical arms and angles. The broken and tattered temple never holds a peak at the top. Even though this is the status of Ram temple, the art and architecture can be sensed. When discoursing about the construction of both Ram and Laxman temple they are various differences in their construction.

Buddha Vihar: Buddha Vihar is famed in Sirpur for the ancient and historic remains. When excavation was accomplished in this place underground rooms as well as brick remains was found out. A combination of Gupta dynasty temple and residential rooms were found in their construction style. The main rooms discovered were meditation rooms, study rooms, and residential rooms. Another interesting part of the Vihar is a six feet tall Buddha touching the earth is placed here. There are totally sixteen rooms in the Vihar. Apart from all other items, idols were also found during excavation.

Archeological Museum: Museum in the Laxman temple is famed for its rare collections. Architectural memories along with important collections related to Shaiva, Buddha, Vaishnava, and Jain religion are found here.

Arang: Arang is another important place which is 4.9km from Sirpur and 25km from Raipur. The main NH6 can be a perfect road for safe travelling. The place holds familiar 11th and 12th century temples. A few of the temples are Mahamaya mandir, Chandi Mandir, Bhanddeval mandir, Baghdeval mandir and more are worth seeing.

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Famous tourist spots in MahasamundBarnawapara is a famed wild life sanctuary which was named after Bar and Nawapara forest villages. This wildlife sanctuary is located in the northern part of Mahasamund. This sanctuary covers an arena of 245sq.km and is filled with lush green vegetation and unequaled wildlife. The flora comprises of deciduous forest which holds bamboo, teak, Sal, and Terminalia. The important wildlife which is found in this forest are black buck, tigers, flying squirrels, four horned antelopes, sloth bear, chinkara, leopards, barking deer, porcupine, jungle cat, Bison, monkey, striped Hyenas, wild dogs, Nilgai, Sambar, wild boar and lot more stick to the list. Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary promises to be an exciting experience for wildlife lovers. The best time to hover around the sanctuary would be from November to June.

Udanti Wildlife sanctuary: The Udanti wildlife sanctuary is a key attraction in Raipur. The name was derived from the river flowing through the region called Udanti. The wildlife sanctuary is spread across an area of 232sq.km. Dangerous wild buffalos are preserved in this sanctuary. The other animals are tigers, Jackals, Antelopes, fox, bison, barking deer, wild dog, cobras and Hyenas. Apart from animals the sanctuary holds a good collection of birds too, a few of them are Magpie robin, parrots, Pea fowl, Heron, Egrets and lot more. Topical dry peninsular type trees are grown in Udanti wildlife sanctuary. Few trees are teak, Salai, Mahul, Mahua, Herra, Tendu and more.

Apart from these Jatmai Ghata rani is a famed picnic spot, the Ma Durga temple with a gorgeous waterfalls are located within 25km. Badalkhol is another spot loved by most tourists. The place is actually a sanctuary in an area of 104 sq. fit. The climate is excellent especially for birds and animals.Dams which are present nearby Mahasamund which help is providing water are Khudiya, Kutaghat, Lormi in the area called Ratanpur, Hasdev Bango dam near Bilaspur and Gangrel and Murrum Silli dams in Dhamtari.

Tours and Travel Agents in Mahasamund

Mahasamund also delights tourists with its wide variety of rustic food. Raipur is the closest major city with main railway station and airport. Otherwise, Mahasamund is well connected with roadways and buses and taxis are easily available. There are many tour orator in and around the city that can help in designing a desired tourist package for you. Some of them are listed below.

Travel Agents in Mahasamund

Yatayat Salahakar and Photocopy
Address:Ambedkar Chowk, Tumgaon Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone No.: (91)-9009077688

MAA Travels
Address: Ambedkar Chowk, Tumgaon Road,Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone No.: (91) - 9669215181

Sahu Travels
Address: Raipur road, Mahasamund Mkt, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone No.: (91)-9893231932

Ambey Photocopy and Travels
Address: Near Bus Stand, Mahasamund Mkt, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone No.: (91)-9826579404, 9907727510

Saurav Mobile Tours and Travels
Address: Near Bus Stand, Mahasamund Mkt, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone No.: (91)-9977677000

MAA Subhadra Travels
Address: Padhumpur Road, Saraipali, Mahasamund – 493558
Phone No: (91)-7354986262

All these tour and travel agents provide you with the vehicle of your choice ranging from small cars to SUVs. The rates are very nominal and are charged as per the size of the taxi. They also provide for mini-buses or full sized buses according to the clients requirement. Taxis and buses can be hired for short tour trips as well as longer journeys. The travel agents are able to guide the tourists on how they should plan their visit and make utmost effort to make your trip enjoyable as well as comfortable. Their years of experience, helps you to make the most of your visit so you may eagerly recommend a visit to Mahasamund to friends and family.

Hotels in Mahasamund

There are plentiful hotels in Mahasamund which offer excellent service. Since the place is a tourists spot numerous travelers from all over India and abroad get into Mahasamund for vacation. For this reason numerous hotels with all services are available. A few hotels in Mahasamund with contact details are available.

Mubas Machaan
Address:Barbaspur, Barnawapara, Mahasamund – 493551
Phone: +(91)-9303037453

Hotel Mahima
Address: Pithora, Mahasamund – 493551
Phone: +(91)-9826131140

Kodar Resort
Address: National Highway 53, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9977400034, 9977400035, 9977400036, 9977400037

Manasi lodge
Address: Near petrol pump, Raipur road, Mahasamund HO, Mahasamund-493445

Samrat Lodge
Address: Main road, Mahasamund HO, Mahasamund-493445
Phone: +(91)-7723-222336

Restaurants in Mahasamund

There are many restaurants in Mahasamund which offer variety of foods such as Indian, Chinese, north Indian and lot more. The restaurants in Mahasamund provide excellent taste as well as perfect service. Food lovers can enjoy local food as well as snacks. Travelers as well as tourists from any corner of the world can enjoy mouthwatering food.

Kai Khajani Restaurant
Address: C/O Kodar Resort, National Highway 53, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9977400034, 9977400035, 9977400036, 9977400037

Jodhpuri Marwadi Bhojnalay
Address: Ambedkar Chowk, Main Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9993704190

Hotel Madhulika
Address: Tumgaon Road, Mahasamund Ho, Mahasamund – 493445
Phone: +(91)-9039816300

Mahasamund is an excellent tourist destination for those traveling to Chhattisgarh. From beautiful temples to wildlife sanctuaries and waterfall you can find all and more. Staying is not a problem as here you can find all sorts of accommodation options ranging from hotels to jungle lodges. With such splendid and rare places and information to be known, Mahasamund stands to be an excellent tourists spot. It is a place which should be visited at least once.

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