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Weekend Getaways from Mahasamund

For ones who are exhausted in their daily routine and would like to take a leap out from usual schedule, there are ample options in Mahasamund district. When you’re getting together with your friends or family, these destinations can refresh you and help you inhale fresh air and rejuvenate yourself. There are plenty of weekend getaways around Mahasamund which can be enjoyed with 2 or 3 days trip with your dear ones.


Rajnandgaon or Shanskardhani is an excellent place which is filled with ponds and rivers. The place is 73km from Raipur which holds many small scale industries and trades. Rajnandgaon is bordered by Durg and Bastar towards east and south respectively.


Nandgram was the original name of this place which was ruled by many dynasties in the past. Kalchuris, Somvanshis and Marathas are a few rulers who made their rule in the past. The languages spoken here are Hindi and Chhattisgarhi, where Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi are the main festivals celebrated in a grand manner.

Places of Interest in Rajnandgaon

Temples are famed places to be visited in this place where a few other places of them are
  • Sitla Mandir
  • Gayathri Mandir
  • Barfaani Ashram
  • Dongargarh
  • Goddess Bamleshwari
  • Mata Sheetala Devi Shakthi Peetha

How to Reach Rajnandgaon

It takes nearly 3 hours and 24min from Mahasamund to Rajnandgaon covering approximately 204.6km.

Hotels in Rajnandgaon

There are many hotels and accommodations available in Rajnandgon which offers excellent service and quality food.

Hotel Mayur

Address: Near Railway Station, Rajnandgaon H O, Rajnandgaon – 491441
Phone: + (91)-7744-401234, 226000
Mobile: + (91)-9425240411, 9300283983

Hotel Shubhaarambh
Address: Kalka Para, Maa Bamleshwari Temple Road, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon – 491445
Phone: + (91)-7823-232202
Mobile: + (91)-9039682602

Hotel Bagga
Address: Opposite Main Post Office, G E Road, Rajnandgaon – 491441
Phone: + (91)-7744-408888
Mobile: + (91)-9827168730

Hotel Utsav Palace
Address: Nagpur Naka, G E Road, Rajnandgaon H O, Rajnandgaon – 491441
Phone: + (91)-7744-228111
Mobile: + (91)-9229740111, 9425240111

Hotel Laxminarayanan
Address: Halwai Line, Rajnandgaon – 491441
Phone: + (91)-7744-225964, 406964
Mobile: + (91)-9755669111


Bilaspur is a familiar destination as it is the third populous district and second largest in Chhattisgarh. The place is well known as Chhattisgarh state high court is positioned here; apart from this the other information is that they stand to be the hub for generation of electric power. Highest revenue is generated from this place through railways. Amongst these highlights they also manufacture steel along with their neighboring districts. Colored and hand woven saris are famed in Bilaspur which predict their culture. Bagheli and Bharia are the languages used in this place.

Places of Interest in Bilaspur

There are number of temples engraved with sculptures and archeological sites in Bilaspur. Tourists can enjoy their time and refresh them with the new feel and experience acquired here. A few places of interest in Bilaspur are
  • Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary
  • Hasdev Bango dam
  • Malhar and Ratanpur
  • Talagram
  • Bubble island and Radhika water park
  • Belpan
  • Khutagat
  • Sonmuda

How to Reach Bilaspur

Winters can be a perfect climate to enjoy the nature of Bilaspur which is well linked with railways, roadways and airways. They stand out to be an important destination in the south east railway line and so a perfect network to travel to and from is available. City buses are another advantage of Bilaspur to hover round the place, apart from which rickshaws, auto rickshaws and tangs are also available. Bilaspur is 145.3km from Mahasamund and takes about 2 hours and 49 min to reach the place.

Hotels in Bilaspur

The accommodation facilities are excellent in Bilaspur with quality food and friendly service. The rates are also reasonable for tourists to stay and enjoy the place. Here are a few contact details of hotels in Bilaspur.

Hotel East Park

Address: Agrasen Chowk, Bilaspur H O, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh – 495001
Phone: + (91)-7752-434571, 434575

Hotel Sharda
Address: Sharda Complex, Telipara Road, Telipara, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh – 495001
Phone: + (91)-7752-406906, 406796, 404310
Mobile: + (91)-9993334590

Hotel Emerald
Address: Near Old Bus Stand, Telephone Exchange Road, Bilaspur H O, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh – 495001
Phone: + (91)-7752-411611
Mobile: + (91)-9589000951, 9589000954

Hotel Surya
Address: New Bus Stand Square, Bilaspur H O, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh – 495001
Phone: + (91)-7752-421188, 421189, 421190, 421191

Hotel Preet

Address: New Bus Stand Road, Bilaspur H O, Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh – 495001
Phone: + (91)-7752-224455, 224456, 404580


Lying on the southern region of Chhattisgarh Kanker district resides between two highly-developed cities called Raipur and Jagdalpur. This destination is a delight to the tourists as they are gorgeous hilly area filled with scenic beauty along with five rivers called Doodh, Hatkul, Mahanadi, Turur and Sindur. Being a forest area they have a dry deciduous forest. Teak, Sal, other medicinal products and many other plant products are obtained from Kanker.

Place of Interest in Kanker

This familiar tourist spot has numerous places to be viewed and enjoyed. Due to the tribal society evolved here, gorgeous handicrafts with a varied design and shapes are found in this place.

Few of those excellent handicrafts are terracotta items, wood carvings, bamboo items, ball metal items and man more. Few tourist spots are
  • Kanker palace
  • Gadiya mountain
  • Maa Shivani temple
  • Malanjhkudum water falls
  • Charre-marre water falls

How to reach Kanker

October through March can be the perfect period where a pleasant climate is prevailed to enjoy the tourist spots. National highway 43 connects Kanker to all the main cities around Chhattisgarh, apart from roadways, railways and airways from Raipur can be a good choice which is 167km away.

Hotels in Kanker

Travelers from all around the states step into Kanker for relaxation and refreshment, they enjoy the scenic beauty and green ornamented nature. Being a tourists spot there are many accommodation facilities for tourists. Let’s glance through few contact details of Kanker accommodation.

K P Cottages
Address: The Palace, P.O Box Kanker, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone: + (91)-7868-222005
Mobile: + (91)-9425259129, 9425226506

Hotel Ashish International
Address: G E Road, Bhilai, Kanker – 494337
Phone: + (91)-7868-2296542, 2224978, 2355972, 2250260
Mobile: + (91)-8109000067, 8109000064, 8109008004

Hotel Lovely Palace
Address: G E Road, Bhilai, Kanker – 494337
Phone: + (91)-7868-2223226, 2223227, 2228227, 2250029
Mobile: + (91)-9907885782, 9584002304

Makri hotel
Address: Raipur Jagdalpur Road, N H 30, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone: + (91)-9501123513, 9981120099, 9981100013

Hotel Lake View
Address: Up down road, Kanker H O, Kanker- 494334
Phone: + (91)-7868-223300, + (91)-9893950002

Korba is mentioned as the power capital of Chhattisgarh which is groomed with forest all over and resides between rivers Ahiran and Hasdeo.

Korba coalfields and power plants are famed in this region. Majority of tribal people reside here with Gonda, Satnami, Raj Gond, Binjwar, Kawar and lot more categories. Hareli is an important festival in this resgion with bull race accompanied with it.

Places of Interest in Korba

There are many places of interest in Korba where a few are
  • Madawa rani
  • Kosagaigarh
  • Kanki
  • Chaiturgarh fort
  • Kendai waterfalls

How to reach Korba

Reaching Korba can be well established by using road, airways and railways where hot temperate climate can be a perfect choice. It takes about 172.3km to reach Korba in 3 hours and 24 minutes.

Hotels in Korba

Since Korba is a tourists spot, many tourist flock in during season for rejuvenation and so there are many accommodation facilities available for travelers. Few of them with contact details are mentioned below.

Hotel Vishram Regency
Address: Near Transport Nagar Chowk, Transport Nagar, Korba – 495677
Phone: + (91)-7759-246052, 246053, 246054, 246055
Mobile: + (91)-9981135052

Hotel Natraj
Address: Near Cseb Chowk, Main Road, Transport Nagar, Korba – 495677
Phone: + (91)-7759-221105
Mobile: + (91)-9425224137, 9826180011

Blue Diamond

Address: Near New Bus Stand, Transport Nagar, Korba Ho, Korba – 495677
Phone: + (91)-7759-245929, 245807, 245808
Mobile: + (91)-9669828808, 9826630304

Relax Inn Hotel and Resort

Address: Urga, Korba Champa Road, Korba Ho, Korba – 495677
Phone: + (91)-7759-660660
Mobile: + (91)-9165337777

Hotel Maharaja Palace

Address: Near ICICI Bank, Transport Nagar, Korba – 495677
Phone: + (91)-7759-246240, 246340
Mobile: + (91)-9827163108

With such excellent destinations around Mahasamund, these getaways are perfect places for relaxation and rejuvenation. These places can be well planned and visited for a varied experience.

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